Feeling good about the community you live in can be just as important as selecting the right home. As a local expert, I can help you find a neighborhood that best suits your needs.  Green Valley is very unique.   Unless you live here it is very difficult to know the areas and what the differences are from one to the other.  The majority of the developments are age restricted (55/18) which gives us a great tax advantage.  

Most of the developments have an HOA.  The fees vary from one to another but mainly depend on two factors:  who is responsible for the road maintenance (county or the association), and are there any amenities owned by the HOA.

We also have Green Valley Recreation (GVR) which is made up of thirteen recreation centers across Green Valley.  The membership is tied to the property.  Once a property belongs to GVR that property will always be a GVR property.  There is a capital fee (paid at close of escrow) for a GVR property and an annual fee.  As a member you can use any of the thirteen centers you want.  They have varying facilities but include swimming pools, tennis courts, pickleball courts, shuffleboard, fitness centers, woodworking and computer clubs (with equipment) just to name a few of the many things they have to offer.  For more information on what they offer go to:  www.gvrec.org.

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